Christmas is the most festive time of year, especially for marketers looking to make a lasting impression for years to come. Here at Rooster, we can appreciate the art of creating a Christmas campaign that is remembered and loved forever. 

For years now, the holiday season simply can not begin until the first festive-themed advertisements are released. It’s not officially Christmas until John Lewis unveil their heart-aching piece about love and hope during the festive period, is it? 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite, most memorable advertisements and campaigns over the years to inspire businesses to get creative when it comes to Christmas marketing examples.

Sainsbury’s – 1914

This Sainsbury’s campaign has been unforgettable since it was released in 2014. The strong message ‘Christmas is for sharing’ left a lasting impression on viewers. The supermarket partnered with their established charity partner, the Royal British Legion, to create an emotional and some would say controversial TV advert campaign. 

The advertisement takes place on the front line on Christmas Day in 1914, featuring a chocolate bar that was later sold in stores to raise money for the charity. It showed the two countries at war come together to play football, a famous and mythologised moment in history that has been adored amongst many generations. This campaign has been remembered so well due to its honourable yet contentious message. 

Coca Cola – Holidays are Coming 

As one of the most iconic Christmas campaigns of all time, it truly feels like the holidays can’t commence until Coca Cola says so. When you hear the famous tune you expect to see the equally famous truck on screen. It’s a tactic that every marketing or advertising agency dreams of creating. 

Every day the same advertisement (with a twist) appears on our screens and suddenly the magic of Christmas comes alive again. The festive period wouldn’t be the same without a Coca Cola Christmas. 

John Lewis – Many memorable moments

John Lewis is the UK’s answer to tear-jerking, throughout-provoking advertising. With a new advert released every year, it’s hard to believe that the company only began creating Christmas ads in 2007. 

There are so many great campaigns to choose from, but in 2018, even Sir Elton John got involved with the John Lewis phenomenon. ‘The boy and the piano’ showed the star throughout the years, including moments of celebration and the special moment his grandmother gifted him with a piano as a young boy. The backing track used also happened to be one of Sir Elton’s best hits, ‘Your Song’.

Google: Bringing back a classic 

It is a world-known fact that Home Alone is one of the most iconic Christmas films of all time. That paired with celebrity appearances in Christmas campaigns calls for a memorable moment in marketing history. In 2018, Google brought nostalgia to our screens with a revisit from Macaulay Culkin himself to play his most infamous part almost 30 years later. It was certainly unique and reminiscent of a Christmas classic. 

Mcdonalds – Reindeer ready

Mcdonald’s Christmas adverts often consist of children celebrating the strength of their imaginations – it is a beautiful concept, especially during the festive season. In 2020, the famous ‘Reindeer ready’ campaign continued with Archie the reindeer, which told the story of a young girl called Ellie. In the advert, she runs out of reindeer treats to feed Archie so the family head to Mcdonalds to buy more. At the drive-thru, the advert switches from animation to real life, where we realise that Archie is Ellie’s dog dressed up as a reindeer with antlers. 

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Aldi’s Christmas campaign is a prime example of how successful a marketing campaign can be when you consider multiple angles. Kevin the Carrot originally appeared on our screens in Aldi’s Christmas advert and soon became a limited edition soft toy that Aldi sold in stores, with profits going to its charity partner Barnardo’s. 

At Rooster Marketing, we can appreciate a good marketing campaign, especially over the Christmas season. If you need support with executing campaigns, from beginning to end, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.