There are so many underhand ways to build low quality links to your website and we all get plenty of emails every day from the types of companies that condone these activities. So I’ve got an idea for you… create relevant, positive, informative, true media about your business that people will want to talk about, post online for people to read and then click through to your website. I know, I know, controversial and it will probably never catch on but I’m telling you – it works!

OK, so it sounds obvious, but if it’s so obvious why are so many companies forgetting the fact that good PR and link building are a perfect marriage. What we find is that time and time again marketing companies try to complicate really simple things. Bread and butter marketing and PR is where you need to begin before you start with your fancy fillings. Once the basics are proving to be giving you good return on your investment then you can try being a bit more adventurous, and we can help with that too, but not until the foundations are strong.

Search engines love relevant news articles and the more quality news websites that link to your website the better. By quality I mean that the articles have usually been processed by a reporter and editor, and these types of sites have many eyes looking at them every day. Readers value their opinion, are more likely to believe what they read and in turn more likely to take action.

The value of online PR compared to offline media is so much higher because it does not end up in the recycling bin after being on the coffee table for a week. It will more than likely be around for months, probably years, so all the more reason to get it right, because if you don’t, it will annoy the hell out of you if what people are reading is not a good, beneficial representation of your business. Once it’s online, that presence is very hard to get removed so make sure it’s a PR legacy to be proud of.

The other beauty of online PR is the speed that it can generate traffic to your website with posts being read almost instantly giving you realtime PR. Realtime PR will give you the edge over your competitors and give day to day instant opportunities. Again as you are doing things quickly you must make sure it is right before you click the upload button. Don’t post something that you will regret for years to come.

At Rooster, we have created this marketing marriage made in heaven with PR and SEO all under one roof, smoothing the process to give quicker, better and more cost effective results for our clients. So if you want an invite to the PR and SEO wedding of the year, then get in touch!

Next blog will on the steamy affair that PR has with Social Media!