You may be looking for a Marketing Agency, you may be looking for a Creative Design Agency. But, having one without the other is like having a TV without an aerial, Freeview or Sky box; absolutely pointless!

Instead what you should actually be looking for is a Creative Marketing Agency and this article will explain why!

A Creative or a Marketing Agency? Why Choose!

Now, some companies, of course, hire both services separately and manage the connection between the two. This often can cause projects to drag on, be harder to manage, be less cost effective, and ultimately, further down the line, the coherency between the two crucial sides will be at stake.

Some companies come to us and are already great at driving consumers to their “inbound marketing” materials where they are then let down. Whereas, on the other hand, some come to us and primed with the most amazing marketing assets that, unfortunately, no-one gets to see. But one without the other is not going to produce the results you want, or provide the return on investment that companies are looking for.

As we say to most clients, initially, keep it simple and get the basics in place and working well before you start to be more adventurous with your marketing.

In Creative Marketing, Analytics is Power

Unless you join up these two, both activities are pointless. You MUST be looking at your analytics data closely to define if things are working as you hoped and to steer your designs. Rather than paying to have something aesthetically very pleasing but unnecessary produced, pay to have something produced that you know your audience are looking for.

It still amazes us how many organisations do not know what is going on behind the scenes of their marketing. By looking at data we have uncovered some absolute shockers in our time.

Analytics Driven Creative Marketing Engages With Your Audience: Hook, Line and Sinker

We often use the fishing analogy to help make things clearer: Your creative assets are the juicy bait. As every good fisherman knows, your bait needs to be the right type, flavour and size to get the desired bite from the desires fish, or audiences. Once you’ve got a bite, it is up to your internal teams to make sure your audience stays on the line and don’t spit the bait out!

Your bait can be as tempting as you like, but, just as if you are fishing in a pond where there is no fish, then you are totally wasting your time. It is true that you may simply doubt your bait is right and pay to change it, but, again, you would just wasting your time and money.

We meet with some organisations that have the most amazing assets – the bait – a stunning brand, website, brochures etc. However, from analytics, we see that hardly anyone gets to see these assets. If this is the case you may need to invest in SEO, PPC or email marketing campaigns, as examples.

On the other hand, some clients are great at bringing in the traffic – fishing in a pond with all the fish. But, then the brand and marketing assets – the bait – just does not appeal to them and they quickly turn away and search for something more appealing. If this is the case you must look at your creative hook and your creative messaging.

Rooster Understands You and Your Audience

When assisting clients with their marketing, our first job is to understand the audience. What will make them bite! If we can speak in their language and put the solutions to their problems in front of them, then your business offering will seem very appealing to them. As an example, if you look at your data and if visits to your website are low then you must improve your marketing.

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If traffic to your website is high but you are not engaging or converting this traffic then it is time to start looking at your creative, and if traffic is low but you have impressive creative that has been researched at your fingertips, then maybe time to get in touch with Rooster Marketing.