Pictured here, a spacious meeting area enables us to work seamlessly together, inspired by the bright sunshine and fresh air flowing in from The Test – which is just a few paces outside our front door!

A fully functioning mill

The Mill is spread over three floors; a reception area that features a large space, perfect for creative collaboration, a first floor that is made up of open-plan office area and a boardroom – perfect for our dedicated account team and a second floor that houses our creatives and designers. The set up really is perfect and The Mill is already allowing us to work as a well-oiled machine!

A space to show off

We’ve officially moved in! Here’s a sneak peek at our first week working at the new Rooster HQ

After a busy weekend of lifting equipment and furniture, trying our hand at feng shui (fancy) and the occasional beer, Rooster are happy to announce we are now up and running at our new address; The Mill Shawford, Winchester Hampshire, SO21 2BP

Along with this new address, our phone number is remaining the same, and you can reach us on 01962 841200
We are looking forward to welcoming our clients, old and new, to enjoy a chat and coffee very soon. In the meantime, here are some photos of what the team have been up to over the past week.

Space for our creativity to grow

The Mill stands as a recently refurbished Grade II listed building and all our power is sustainably generated via a fully functioning historic Gilkes-Francis turbine, originally installed in 1932.

This makes The Mill a unique and highly sustainable building, which is automatically controlled and highly efficient. During the winter months, heat will be extracted from the River Itchen through a water source heat pump system.

Perfectly placed to meet your needs

Despite being situated in an area of pure tranquillity, The Mill is conveniently placed just 4 minutes away from Winchester City centre by car, along with being just a moment away from Shawford railway station.

Main transport links such as the M3 and M27 are just a stone’s throw away and a journey from or to London will take just over an hour direct. Now equipped with a more than capable car park, The Mill is even more accessible than our previous home on Southgate Street.

The old and the new seamlessly combined

As you can gather from our photos, the newly refurbished mill offers a classic balance of rustic and modern interior. This has all been purposefully engineered to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, embellished with our addition of bespoke auction items and Chesterfield sofa; perfect for a brainstorm!

Our new interiors are already inspiring our creative team via an environment that perfectly pairs original and pure materials together with a new, state of the art fibre optic connection. All of which is enabling us to constantly push ourselves beyond our potential and to succeed our client’s expectations.

Creative spaces with room to grow

The top floor of this impressive building houses our very talented photographers, designers and developers, who are now able to work seamlessly in collaboration with each other within a dedicated creative space that has been completely curated by our creative director, Jon Williams.

Just as like our new high-ceilings, as a company we have got plenty of headroom for growth. Our Rooster team is expanding! Watch this space for some very exciting announcements to come.

Making ourselves at home

To round off our first week at The Mill, here’s a shot of our Director, Chris, enjoying his first ever catch in the fishing stream, just outside our front entrance.

We feel privileged to be able to enjoy our hobbies and work all in one at The Mill, and after a hard weekend of moving together with a busy first week, we feel it’s important to mark this accomplishment with a celebration – the first ever Rooster catch!

Over the coming years, we look forward to creating more moments and sharing our creative ideas with you at The Mill.

Why not pop in and take a look for yourself? We’d love to show you around.