Planning Your Property Development Marketing

We help many property developers with their marketing each year and know many of the marketing pitfalls. Here are a few pointers to consider when creating a property development marketing strategy.

Make sure your chosen agency knows your timescales, key dates and get a commitment from them that these dates will be met. In our experience the thing that causes deadlines to fail is not having the content ready for your agency, but do you know what they need from you in the first place? Make sure you use a marketing agency who can assist you with the process and have experience with the possible pitfalls.

The last thing you want is millions of pounds worth of property ready to be sold that nobody knows about. In an ideal world, you want them sold before they are even finished, which has happened with many of the developments we have worked on.

Who is doing what with Property Marketing?

At Rooster we can create, manage and implement property development marketing campaigns but you might want to do some of it yourself. If your structure is right as a business certain parts of the project may be managed in-house, but be warned, don’t bite off more than you can chew and make sure it is the hands of a professional either in-house or with your marketing agency.

Cutting corners can results in a lack lustre, a disjointed marketing campaign that does not meet your deadline, so make sure each element is in good hands. Always have a central point of contact for the marketing of your development and do not leave it to the site manager, builder, office junior or even worse all of them as this will slow and confuse the process.

Pre-Launch Property Development Marketing

Why wait until the development is finished? Pre launch marketing material could be the best money you have ever spent because if all the properties are sold before they are finished then you will be able to save money on expensive brochures or a full website. We have had developments sell out just from the hoardings or a website holding page, so get these done as quickly as possible as it could save you thousands of pounds, hours of work and a lot of worries!

One Style does not fit all

Make sure the brand of your property development fits with your target audience and community. You want the right people making enquiries for the property that is perfect for them to save wasting everyone’s time and money. The right name and brand will add value to your development, so do not underestimate this and make sure it is right. Creativity has to be backed up with factual information so get the mix of this to the right consistency.

Keep it Simple

Keep your marketing message simple and strong. Save the complicated stuff for a face to face conversation once a potential client walks through the door. Often you have a split second to capture your client’s attention through a website, hoarding or advert, so make it count and don’t try to over complicate things with too much information.

Show Homes and Sales Offices

Make sure your brand is followed through to the sales office and show homes. We work with interior designers and stylists to make sure the journey is seamless for your customers so don’t become disjointed in your efforts. Continuity will give value to your development and confidence to your customers.

Get the Right Image

Imagery is everything but before a development is finished you will only have pictures of a building site which is not very appealing to your customers. Smaller developments do not have a show home so again any images available here either. To combat this get in contact with your kitchen, bathroom and any other suppliers because guaranteed they will have some great images for you to use, and if you ask nicely they may even be free. Again if you can sell all the properties off plan then you will save the cost of an expensive photo shoot and just get some marketing shots ready for the next development.

Win Awards

When you get it right you will want to shout about it. The developments that we work on will give you the best chance possible to win awards to raise your profile and fuel the PR train. We can help you put together a unique and stylish entry pack that you will be very proud of and will give you the best chance of winning an industry accolade. View our awards.

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We help many property developers with their marketing each year and know many of the marketing pitfalls. Here are a few pointers to consider when marketing your property development.