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visual storytelling

In this new digital world, engaging content will keep your brand at the forefront of your industry. Visual content is always one step ahead. We craft captivating video and photography that speaks to your audience, provides human connection, and of course, ensures that your stories and posts are memorable.

global art direction

Art direction is the vision behind creativity. It’s what gives the creative work purpose. The look and feel, the brand cohesion, the messaging – it’s all decided before a single shot is taken.

We storyboard and draft detailed shot lists, so that every time the shutter is pressed, it’s done so for a specific reason. We shoot images that are unmistakably yours, that convey your deepest and most important message at a single glance.

Elekta scamp
Elekta scamp
Elekta Versa HD machine photography
Elekta Versa HD machine photography

product photography

Rooster has specialist knowledge in product photography, both on location for product demonstrations and in our studio for closeup work.

With our experience and ever-growing technical capability, we deliver beautiful product images for application in print and digital formats.

Circuit board photography
Circuit board with hands photography
Circuit board with device photography
Paper Circuit board photography

location photography

Our experienced photography team has worked in some of the most complex and challenging locations. For all inaccessible areas, we have a team of UAVAir CAA approved drone pilots. We use drones for the most challenging environments, as well as for aerial photography and videography – to obtain otherwise impossible visuals.

Shield staff in high vis at dry dock
Shield location shoot

lifestyle photography

We embody the ethos of a lifestyle brand in the images we produce. Our bespoke photography captures the spirit, emotion and energy of the moment – while telling the story set out from the start.

Because every project is managed individually, we can source locations, models, wardrobe, makeup and props – giving you complete control of your imagery and visual style.

Bargate Homes family breakfast
Bargate Homes mother and daughter walking
Bargate Homes girl writing
Bargate Homes child baking

food photography

Feast your eyes on our vibrant food photography, prepared for delivery in all print and digital formats. We’ve worked alongside chefs on their home turf. We’ve captured dishes and cocktails prepared here, in our studio. Wherever we’re working, our photography looks good enough to eat.

The Bell Inn food photography
The Bell Inn food photography

moving images

storyboarding and video

With meticulous planning and storyboarding, the vision of your video comes before we set up a shoot. We direct and manage film making on location and at our studio, using cutting edge technology and camera systems to create truly awe-inspiring moving images.

Our video delivers a message and has a purpose. We capture the spirit and feel of brands, their people and their work.

The Pilgrims' School storyboard


With mobile lighting rigs, professional sound and cinema-grade cameras, we carry out interviews on location and in our studio.

We give our clients the voice and platform to tell their story in a professional but personable way, with impeccable editing and overlays to give viewers complete confidence.

ACS School Video
ACS School Video

green screen

Chroma keying with green screens allows us to put the subject anywhere.

Combined with our in-house 2D and 3D CGI capability, we’re able to create the impossible on film, putting real people in unreal environments.

Active Gloucester
Active Gloucester