Is email marketing still relevant?

The current discourse surrounding email marketing often focuses on how social media marketing is outshining good old-fashioned emails. This is true in some respects – social media campaigns are often more flashy, focus heavily on sales, and are great for widespread visibility.

However, if you’re after real, lasting, and quality leads, then the benefits of email marketing are undeniable. Here, we will explore the advantages of email marketing and delve into why a solid email campaign is still paramount in generating a valuable response in the long term.

The cheap and cheerful solution

First, email marketing has a level of simplicity that other digital marketing platforms might not. By using premade templates and a simple distribution programme like MailChimp, (one of the most popular email marketing platforms at the moment), you can get your campaign up and running from beginning to end in a matter of hours.

This is also incredibly cost-effective, as a small budget can still breed fantastic results. Most email marketing platforms don’t require a huge payout like a big Facebook or Instagram campaign might, and they don’t need a huge photography and design budget like a print campaign. As long as you have a well-sourced list of leads, you can distribute a plethora of emails for a relatively low cost compared to other options. This is perfect for start-ups and small businesses running on a limited budget or without investor funding.

The value of trust

The cost-effectiveness of a good email campaign feeds right into the quality of the leads you garner. For such a low cost, the quality of the leads you have at your disposal is second-to-none.

One of the pinnacles of email marketing is trust. By allowing the customer control over their inbox, such as setting preferences on which emails they receive, how often they receive those emails, providing an ‘unsubscribe’ button etc. – you build a relationship with the customer that can be invaluable. The more your target audience trusts you, the more likely they will engage with your email campaigns in the future, and the better your ROI will see overall.

A targeted approach

Personalising your email campaigns is possibly the biggest draw of email marketing. Whether it’s something as simple as including the customer’s name in the greeting or providing personalised recommendations based on previous shopping habits, emails grant a unique ability to connect with the audience that is not achievable through social media marketing, for example.

Additionally, hyper-personalisation of emails is a big trend that is becoming increasingly popular throughout 2022. Customers want to feel valuable and important, rather than a number or statistic on a graph. As such, the practice of further personalising entire campaigns, rather than just single email elements, is more crucial than ever.

This can be done through a myriad of ways, such as tailoring messages and promotions directly to audience segments, providing specific content recommendations to individuals based on user engagement in relation to past content, and sending email notifications about sales, items being back in stock, and new product launches based on past purchasing habits. Hyper-personalisation is the way to go if you want to maximise your demographic and audience data for super-targeted marketing strategies.

The Rooster solution

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