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Since 2010, Rooster Marketing has operated under our founding principle: to give our clients outstanding results. We do this with bespoke, creative marketing and advertising solutions, made from scratch by our talented team of industry professionals. This approach has transformed us into a leading digital marketing agency in Winchester.


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Full-service marketing agency

We’re a full-service marketing agency, with a multi-disciplined team. We design and develop websites in-house but also have dedicated content, PPC, SEO and social media teams. We work collaboratively together across our London, Manchester and Winchester offices, to deliver a streamlined digital marketing strategy that gets results. We work with businesses of all sizes: from start-ups and small local businesses to large multi-national brands. We’re proud to support our clients across a huge number of sectors and industries, applying our digital marketing expertise to every marketplace.   discover our creative process
website design and development

Website designers based in Winchester

Our team of developers and website designers based in Winchester always builds bespoke – never from templates. Our design and functionality is custom-made to your requirements, built with your KPIs at the core. We create compelling digital experiences that look beautiful and demand to be used. The beauty runs into the code, where functionality is optimised for all devices. We’re not the kind of agency that will hold your website hostage – it’s all yours. We’re here to make your website better for users and better for business.   our website development process
search engine optimisation seo

SEO agency

There are hundreds of SEO agencies in Winchester, but we’re not here to blend in. We plan our SEO strategies in line with your entire marketing strategy, ensuring that we work closely with PPC and paid advertising campaigns to avoid any unnecessary crossover. We craft SEO-focused content from our beautiful studio that is effective in engaging users. We work on technical SEO to improve rankings. Our superior content marketing strategies allow us to gain organic, high-quality backlinks and social traction to push content even further.   see how we succeed with SEO
pay per click advertising ppc

PPC agency in Winchester

Selling PPC is easy: you pay and you receive. But are your campaigns effective? Are you getting the best return on investment? Most Winchester PPC agencies will set you up and send you automated reports. And that’s it. We work harder and align our PPC campaigns with your marketing strategy. We optimise continuously, suggesting improvements and trying different strategies throughout the lifetime of our campaigns. That’s how we get better results for your budget – and your business.   read more about our PPC strategy
Content marketing

Winchester content marketing agency

Content marketing isn’t just about writing content and posting it. It’s about researching the topics, understanding your market and knowing your audience. Our Winchester content writers are creative and strategic, crafting beautifully written pieces that support your marketing strategy. From SEO-focused content to strategic link building campaigns, our content marketing gives audiences what they want - and helps you get noticed in a crowd.   read more about content marketing
social media marketing

Social media agency in Winchester

Our social media marketing service combines the wealth of knowledge we have on content engagement, website usage and user behaviour to create engaging organic and paid social media content. Our Winchester social media teams work together to create strategies that benefit the entire marketing mix.   discover our social media approach
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Branding in Winchester

Our Winchester office works closely with businesses to truly grasp an understanding of your brand and how we can take it to the next level. Every brand has a story to tell, and we want to help you create something memorable. We build brands out of detailed research and emotions, building brands that stand out from the crowd.    read more about the brand journey
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Strategy work in Winchester

The Rooster Winchester team will refine your marketing strategy and identify your customer offering. Through incredibly extensive brand research and innovative data, we will grasp an understanding of your business expectations. Our researchers work alongside our design, development and digital marketing teams to plan bespoke, customer-focused strategies that excel.   find out more about the strategy process
Video and photography

Video marketing in Winchester

Based in Winchester, our team recognises the importance of visual content and how it can transform a brand’s offering. We want to create videos that ensure your stories and posts are memorable. To do so, we meticulously plan and storyboard the vision of your video before picking up a camera. Our videos deliver a message that has purpose, capturing the spirit of a brand.   let us capture your brand on camera
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"The Rooster team is the most creative, professional and responsive team I've ever worked with. An eye for detail and always passionate - no matter how small or large-scale the project. Highly recommended and always a pleasure to work with."
Mema Kavga Marketing Manager, Philips
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