ACC Aviation is one of the world’s most respected aviation specialists, offering aircraft charter, ACMI and asset management through Aerotask. Since 2002, ACC has been chartering private jets to clients worldwide – making it their mission to deliver innovative, bespoke aviation solutions. They are enormously proud of their team, the level of service they provide and the strong relationships they maintain in the aviation industry.

Brand evolution

When ACC began working with Rooster, they’d just had a rebrand – but it wasn’t working. We gave their existing branding a quick tuneup, extending its lifespan while we formulated a new, evolved brand that better suits a luxury offering.

With more time to explore, we went down multiple avenues and devised several themes, in varying levels of detail. We deeply considered brand colours, lettering and geometry, until we found the right path: a simplified, elegant rework of the logo that their client base is familiar with.

We arrived at a globe icon with a design reminiscent of aircraft contrails. It shakes off the dated, distorted design they came to us with – and adds updated lettering, using lowercase to give a modern edge with an air of exclusivity.


To protect brand integrity, we developed in-depth brand guidelines for the main brand and subsidiaries. These guidelines show all the possible ways the brand can be used, examples of how it shouldn’t be used and a detailed colour hierarchy. We included image guidelines to preserve the luxury, high end feel, as well as atone of voice document that gives written communications a consistent character and style.


We initially made improvements to ACC’s existing website, helping them push their business further. We worked with them to understand the challenges with their current website, across their business and in their market. This highlighted the need for a new website to realise their vision.

Our developers worked to fix and update their existing website while a new design and development timeline was established. Their new, custom-built responsive website was launched by us in November 2018, after a careful planning period.

ACC’s business has three arms: Charter, ACMI and Aerotask. Each needed to be represented individually while falling under ACC Group umbrella. Using the newly created brand guidelines, we implemented each arm of the business into a responsive, user-friendly customer experience on the website. It matches the brand and subsidiaries exactly, down to the tone of voice for each and the image selection based on the guides.

All our work took into account our earliest conversations with the client – and the deep market research we conducted on their behalf.

Reviving digital ads

Rooster inherited ACC’s PPC campaign from another agency. Performance was poor – but we worked to review all keywords, culling any low performers before restructuring the account into an easily manageable, logical layout. This made reporting far easier to understand, and we gave the client the ability to log in and view activity at any time.

We continue to optimise the campaigns on a regular basis, bidding appropriately to show at the top of SERPs when required. We frequently review ad copy, focusing on elements that generate the best performance. Since starting, we’ve cut down on unprofitable impressions and clicks, improved CTR by 77.36% and their increased search impression share – generating high-quality leads.

Organic search

We’ve been working on ACC’s SEO since 2017. With their internal marketing team, we identified their most profitable services, which we paired with appropriate user queries from our research.

We crafted articles that not only helped improve rankings but showed ACC’s authority and experience to potential customers. We also worked to resolve any technical errors that impacted the site during this time, from broken images and links to page errors and duplicate content issues. This included helping to migrate the old site to the new one without any disruption. In the first year alone, we improved web rankings significantly, appearing on the first page of Google for the majority of ACC’s KPI keywords.


Our deep involvement with ACC’s branding and design has given us oversight of their printed materials. As a regular attendee at leading aviation conferences, and with a wide international presence at airports and beyond, ACC trusts Rooster to create and deploy their printed marketing materials and exhibition stands.

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