From Huddl to deploy12

The Huddl team came to us wanting a total rebrand, along with a new website. We began the process with a comprehensive brand workshop to find out what the Huddl brand meant to them and how they’d like to be seen moving forward.

After an in-depth naming process, we landed on ‘deploy12’, which more authentically signified their 12-pillar approach to their delivery principles and services.

deploy12 in the flesh

Ahead of their event in May, we needed to launch a landing page with their new branding, to ensure their first impressions of the brand were up-to-date and representative of where the brand is now. This website has all of the information potential customers would need and provides leads with a point of contact.

Our boldly dynamic, uplifted by a sense of trust and confidence, shone through their event booth design. It fulfilled the attraction of new business by becoming an eye-catching talking point. deploy12’s event presentation gave prospective leads information about who they were as people, who they’ve worked with and other details to solidify their brand identity.

Transformational results

Their total rebranding is something the team are immensely proud of, as it’s a true conversation starter and is authentically representative of who they are and their values. We’ve put the team right back at the centre of what deploy12 does.

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