Celebrating tradition

The Fishermen’s Mission is a charity that reaches out to both active and retired fishermen by providing practical, spiritual and financial support – as well as a vital emergency response service.

As the only national charity that works solely to help fishermen and their families, and with over 130 years of service, the Fishermen’s Mission came to Rooster because their website was not performing as well as it could. The Rooster team was selected specifically for our balance of creativity and user experience, to further enhance the businesses’ strong tradition and proud heritage.

A history to be proud of

The Fishermen’s Mission has a long, proud history – we have highlighted this throughout the site with a dedicated history page and other little accent details such as the shipping lane routes dotted around the content. Details like this set the website aside from other charities, adding a special touch to the brand.

Keeping users in mind

Improving user experience was at the heart of this project, and we have developed a safe space for fishing committees, fishermen and their loved ones to access important information and help as quickly and easily as possible. To help support this, we cleaned up all calls to actions, making donating very clear and easy to do.

Landing with a splash

Our creative ideas were stitched together in a layered series of photos, split out to create an image that moves with depth. For the rest of the site, we produced eye-catching animations that matched the main header space, creating an engaging experience for users visiting the site.

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