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As an international manufacturer and distributor of world-leading plumbing systems, John Guest were keen to understand the connections between their Speedfit product and the wider John Guest brand.

John Guest came to Rooster for a better understanding of their current market and a new website: a confident, corporate and product-centric site that could be easily managed internally by their team. The entire John Guest offering needed to be streamlined and organised in a way that focused clearly on the products that John Guest offer across the globe – and also cater to mobile devices and tablets.

Speedfit Market Research


Research for Smarter Insights

We wanted to gain a better understanding of the key competitors for push fit plumbing and establish what sources or websites tradespeople use to keep up to date, with either industry news or for day to day business.

The interviews supplied us with all of the information we were looking for – and a lot more. The connection between Speedfit and John Guest was comprehensively explored. We were able to clearly establish which websites and sources tradespeople used frequently for their business.

In terms of key competitors, we not only identified them; we were able to assess their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this, we obtained key insights into branding and the importance of product placement. We discovered how tradespeople rated other John Guest products, what the brand was best known for and the most important product features. This information was invaluable for future marketing.

Vox Pops Market Research


Vox Pop Interviews

To uncover these insights, we used Vox Pop interviews. We believe there’s no better way to get to a truly authentic understanding of a topic than to ask someone face to face, unprompted and unscrutinised.

Rooster carried out Vox Pop interviews with on-the-job tradespeople and in-store employees, across different plumbing stores and locations. By visiting the stores at optimal times to target the biggest footfall of customers, we captured some excellent feedback. Our interviewees were keen to voice their opinions on the products they rely on every day.

Manufacturing Marketing


An International Website

Rooster created a fully mobile responsive, multi-regional and multi-lingual website. It was built using an open source CMS, making for quick and easy content updates to pages, products and articles. The previous separate websites were combined into one easy to manage solution, designed to be flexible for future development.

Illustration Design


That Ranks Higher on Search

Rooster continues to work with the team at John Guest to optimise the website for search. With an ever-growing marketplace of plumbers and installers waiting to discover John Guest on their next project, we’ve implemented a search marketing strategy that focuses on the needs and requirements discovered through market research and user tracking.

Product Illustration Design


That Has Interactive Schematic Diagrams

In order to aid with the user experience, we designed and developed the above Room Tour and accompanying illustrations. These worked together to offer domestic plumbers the ability to use interactive schematic diagrams as a means of exploring and accessing more information on John Guest’s domestic products.

Website Design


And Delivers Outstanding Results

This project delivered a modern, results-driven solution that hosts over 6,000 products – not to mention movies, case studies and much more. The new website has elevated John Guest to the position that they needed to be in and is providing more sales leads to the team. The user journey – from discovery through to purchasing – has become seamlessly integrated, putting John Guest at the forefront of customer satisfaction.

John Guest’s website traffic has increased by 57% with new users making up 55% of their audience. The site has received a 50% increase in traffic from their targeted countries (the UK, the USA and Australia).

Stats from Jan – August 2017.

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and an agency that delivers, we continue to
work with Rooster on our creative, web design and digital solutions.

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John Guest

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