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As one of the biggest employers in the world, Sodexo came to Rooster with an idea: to revolutionise employee benefits with a new way to put money aside and get an amazing 5% extra when they spend.

Financial Website Design

A smart choice

Our solution was to design and build a bespoke web portal which makes it easy for employees to set up their goals and put on a special Money Boost spending card. And with their 5% spending boost, their money goes even further.

Sodexo Website Development

Creating a consistent brand

Money Boost needed more than a website to make a big splash in the marketplace. The first step was to produce a stunning range of print brochures to promote Money Boost and demonstrate how easy it is to get started, with custom brochures to target each audience type.

Money Boost Portal

Bespoke Illustrations

This was supported by a range of hand-drawn illustrations to show the potential benefits of the spending boost. In total, we drew over 12 illustrations ranging from the Empire State Building to a washing machine!

Brochure Design
Photography Agency Hampshire

The Shoot

With a lot of preparation and a long day of shooting in a premier video studio, it worked and the results mix of live action and hard-drawn scenery looked fantastic. Best of all, the client was over the moon. Can you ask for more than that?

Art Direction Sodexo Hampshire

In order to create a unique and engaging new service we really had to focus on its look, feel and overall user experience. Working with Rooster we were able to create not only an engaging and easy to use product, but also a suite of supporting tools that kept the consistency of Money Boosts identity.

Jamie MacKenzie

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services

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