Have you ever considered working with a Marketing Agency in Hampshire?

If you haven’t, then this article aims to persuade you otherwise. And if you have or already do have a Hampshire marketing agency, then sit back and let me confirm to you why you’ve made the right choice.

One of my Mayfair based clients tactfully put it to me last week:

“We love Rooster, you’re better than the London agencies we were using, more personal and better value for money!”

Now, I read that as being told we are ‘Cheap’, but my client was quick to assure me that this is not the case!

So, after discussing the reasons why with him here are some of the most enticing positives of working with a Marketing Agency in Winchester, Hampshire – one such as Rooster Marketing of course!

Cost of a Marketing Agency

Okay; so we’re certainly not cheap and never intend to be. However, when compared to many London Marketing Agencies our overheads are far less. Consequently, we can afford to be less heavy-handed with our pricing.

Here at Rooster, we firmly believe and practice, that all marketing should be gauged on the best return on investment. And being based in Winchester, Hampshire does certainly give us a head start on our London competition.

We’ll come to you anyway!

We tend to find our clients like to come to us, especially when the Winchester Christmas Market is on so they can extend their business trip with a little Christmas cheer and even pick up some quirky stocking fillers!

However, most of the time we go to our clients as we love to get a real feel for what they do and what they as a business are about. This allows us to completely engage with and understand their offering. Alternatively, we are happy to work via conference calls and emails.

This flexibility allows us and our work to be affordable, a global reach and one that is not in the slightest limited by locations.

Winchester’s great transport links.

The Rooster HQ is 2 minutes walk to Shawford Railway station, 2 minutes drive from the M3 and 10 minutes from Southampton Airport.

This gives us the best of both. Close enough to all the links to make travel plans easy peasy but, far away enough to enjoy lower overheads and beautiful Hampshire.