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a full service marketing agency

Our dedicated content, PPC, SEO and social media teams, alongside our innovative in-house website designers and developers and wide range of services, make us a full-service marketing agency. Our multi-disciplined team of experts work collaboratively across our teams based in London, Winchester, Birmingham and Manchester to deliver the most effective marketing strategies for our client’s business needs.

We work with many different businesses in a variety of sectors – from small local businesses and start-ups to multinational brands. We pride ourselves on providing dedicated support to all of our clients in their respective industries, applying our collective marketing knowledge from every market.

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Birmingham website designers

Our team of Birmingham website designers will only ever create bespoke solutions – we will never use templates. Our creative flexibility gives us complete freedom to create a website with your KPIs and business objectives at its heart.

It gives you freedom, too; your website will not be held hostage – once it’s complete you have free reign to host, manage and adapt as you see fit. Of course, our support is always available on hand to help you with all of that (and plenty more besides), but we believe in giving our clients ultimate choice and the utmost flexibility.

With code that combines function with beauty, our work ensures optimised functionality for all devices. Our compelling digital experiences demand to be used and are visually beautiful.


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SEO agency in Birmingham

SEO agencies in Birmingham are on the rise, but our expertise wasn’t designed to blend in with the crowd.

We create SEO strategies that align with your entire marketing strategy, working closely with paid advertising such as PPC and display campaigns to minimise crossover and maximise effectiveness.

All content is created with SEO optimisation in mind, and our copywriters expertly craft SEO-focused content marketing in Birmingham that engages users, while working to improve rankings. Combined with our expert technical SEO capabilities, we excel at improving visibility in noisy search markets.

Our content marketing strategies are curated with social media in mind, with the aim to be highly shareable, relevant and timely – to gain high-quality organic backlinks and pick up additional coverage.

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Birmingham PPC agencies

Selling a PPC campaign is simple; you pay for what you receive. But a truly effective campaign will get the best return on investment.

A dedicated PPC agency will focus on PPC alone, but we believe in the importance of looking at the entire digital strategy for paid advertising to ensure maximum performance.

Our Birmingham PPC specialists won’t just set your campaign live and send you automated reports.

We align all of our PPC campaigns with the overall marketing strategy, optimising continuously, suggesting improvements and testing different approaches through the lifetime of our campaigns.

Whatever budget you have, that’s how you get the best return on your investment and better results.

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the best content marketing agency in Birmingham?

It’s suggestive to assume, but we believe our content marketing is the hottest in the city. To us, it’s not just about writing articles, posting them and looking at the stats. Our high-quality content is supported by detailed research into topics and a strong understanding of your market and audiences.

Our Birmingham content writers are creative strategists, who work tirelessly to create impactful campaigns that fully support your marketing strategy. From dedicated strategic link-building campaigns and traffic boosting content to SEO-focused articles that work to improve rankings, our content marketing gives your audience what they’re looking for – and helps your business become well-known in your industry.

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Birmingham social media agency

With our key knowledge in content engagement, user experience and search behaviour, we can craft engaging organic and paid social media campaigns to a specialist standard.

Our Birmingham social media marketing team works to create engagement strategies that benefit the entire digital marketing mix.

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    Since 2010, Rooster Marketing has operated under our founding principle; to give our clients outstanding results. We do this with bespoke, creative marketing and advertising solutions, made from scratch by our talented team of industry professionals. Our focus on clients’ results has propelled Rooster to become a leading digital marketing agency in Birmingham.



    You’ll find us in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre; walking distance from Birmingham New Street station and centrally located on Bull Street. This is our launchpad for creative, strategic campaigns with impact.