As a digital marketing agency in Hampshire for over 10 years now, we have established our place in the marketing industry. We are a business that not only feeds creative ideas – but also builds memorable brands from scratch. 

During that time, we’ve solved many complex problems, and with the help of smart marketing and sustainable design, we deliver complete end-to-end marketing solutions with measurable results.

In this article, we discuss the number of ways our marketing business can help market yours with an insight into our well-delivered, highly refined services. 

It all begins with strategy 

Your business is your baby, and as each day goes by, you might not be able to see the bigger picture. That’s where we can help. It’s all well and good when we put our daydreams into action, but the strategy works best when it’s informed by real data, and we know where to find it. 

The deep research phase is where we establish your competitors, conduct audience and outcomes sessions, vox pops and brand reviews. We want to get to know your customer base, your areas of improvement, and transform that insight into clear ideas that will elevate your marketing. 

By working together, we can define tangible goals that further develop your customer-focused plan, whether it be an ongoing campaign or a one-off project. 

A brand is more than its logo 

Picking your business name, logo, colour palette or even refining your tone of voice are all important factors when it comes to laying down the foundation of your brand, but they aren’t the considerations that will make it memorable or valued.  

Your brand is how people know you. The feeling they get when they recognise you means everything in the long run – especially in a generation where brand loyalty is no longer a promise. 

We help you get it right. Design-led research will encourage you to make the right choices when it comes to deciding on how you want your brand to express itself. Before our in-house team of designers get into the creative zone, we take a look at your audience and business with a fine-tooth comb. Rooster Marketing knows what works and what doesn’t as we’ve worked with just about every type of industry. 

We get into the creative flow 

We are a marketing agency with a difference, we are not just marketers. We are photographers and videographers, artists and graphic designers. We are musicians and animators, branding consultants and copywriters. Together, we work to create incredible brand experiences that not only gain attention but – equally – get impressive results. Your story is our creation, and we want to tell it with passion. 

Initial meetings end in detailed research and plenty of exploration of different creative possibilities. We always care to share and will show a range of ideas and campaigns that begin as sketches, and further advance throughout the client’s repertoire of marketing touchpoints. 

With a process of research, client collaboration and consideration of ideas, we deliver creative campaigns that make an impact. Our team of creatives capture the desired message and have the skills and imagination to create unique, engaging campaigns that work across all key platforms.

Websites that work…beautifully. 

Our websites are never built from templates. Bespoke design flows through the website design at Rooster. Customer experience is something that we strongly believe in, and we build websites with that in mind first and foremost. That doesn’t mean they lack beauty or style, the websites we produce tick both boxes. The beauty runs into the code – where functionality is optimised for all devices. 

The golden rule when creating a website is to make it for them, not for us. 

Making the connection between PPC and SEO

The way we work with performance marketing drives the right traffic to your website, helping you increase conversion rates from paid advertising and organic search. Other marketing agencies may focus on increasing traffic into the thousands, but we want to focus on winning your ideal customer. For us, it only counts if they convert. 

Connect with content 

Content marketing needs a clever focal point to capture the attention of your audience. You might believe that you have a great story to tell, but that does not mean your audience will enjoy it. We consider what your customers need and believe that content succeeds when you make it for them, not for yourself. 

Get social

Social media advertising is a powerful tool when used correctly. Targeting advertisements takes skill to refine the results you desire. Our in-house expertise means we can build highly effective and laser-targeted campaigns that show your ads to the ideal audience. We aim to reach only those interested in what you do so they can convert into clientele. 

Video and photography capture more than just an image

Video content is at the height of the marketing world right now, and we are one step ahead. Imagine hyper-realistic CGI, art directed photography and cinematic quality video – made entirely for you and your specific taste. 

We capture the feel of brands, the work they produce and the people behind the product or service. By grasping the spirit of emotion and energy, we reach new creative heights – prepped for delivery in all print and digital media. 

From heartfelt candid shots to more corporate, professional imagery, all images are unmistakably yours to express and share. 

The perfect blend of data and creativity

‘Data’ is the buzzword of 2021.  There are vast amounts of data and information available at our fingertips thanks to the rapid growth of Machine Learning and AI technology,  enabling businesses across the globe to level up their marketing strategy with smarter decision making. 

But most don’t know where to start when it comes to leveraging this to achieve better results! 

If this is you, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. At Rooster, our campaigns are crafted in collaboration by our creative team and our in-house Web, Data and UX analysts. 

Creativity and Data are a marriage made in heaven, and that’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do. Work smarter, not harder. 

Our services allow your business to express creativity to its true potential. Great projects start here – get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you.