Full Drone Photography and Video Editing Agency

Skilled editing of drone video and photography can take something that looks good and makes it into something truly astonishing. Our drone photography and video service is not just to deliver footage taken ready for you to edit, we deliver the highly polished end product

Whether you’re looking for the whole package or simply some direction; we deliver fully edited and ready to use the footage for our clients complete with music, voiceovers, subtitles or animation overlays if required.

We will work with you to deliver finished drone photography and video that you are sure to be very proud of. Want to know more? Take a look at our service page or contact us.

Fully Licensed and CAA Approved Drone Operatives

Rooster Marketing are proud to offer a new service; amazing 4K quality aerial drone photography and aerial filming in Hampshire and throughout the UK using the latest GPS enabled multi-rotor drones. We hold a Permission For Commercial Operation certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured for all aerial work.

Creative Drone Video and Photography Service

As well as having all the correct Drone (UAV) paperwork, we also bring art direction to the table. Meaning that for all our clients, even at high altitudes, our stunning drone footage is rich in both depth and style. Not to mention also being scattered with clever personal and close up elements to drive extra engagement.

We ensure quality in each of our creative services and our new drone photography and video service is no exception. Our experienced pilots capture 4K ultra HD footage and photos which are taken and edited by design experts. This ensures that we deliver outstanding projects, every time.

As a full-service marketing agency, we not only create memorable drone video and photography, but we also work for collaboration with any other marketing materials. This means that all captured visuals work with individual brands, ensuring the footage can be used on multiple platforms for the maximum impact and ROI.

We have worked with a variety of clients, including those who specialise in property, education, leisure and manufacturing.

Property Developments and Estate Agents

We capture and edit drone footage and photography for property planning purposes or to show the whole finished development. If the property is still in development, we combine this with our remarkable CGI creation skills to create an impactful visualisation of any in-progress development.

Private Schools

Showcasing stunning school grounds and buildings give a real sense of character for prospective pupils and parents. We can show journeys through classrooms and school grounds through a different perspective, giving them a personal tour that they would experience on an open day.

Leisure Facilities

We can demonstrate a sporting ground, tennis court, cinema showroom or even a golf course. Your audiences want to be able to picture what the experience what be like and scrutinise your facilities in-depth so why not be as transparent as possible? Drone photography is immersive and encourages engagement before they’ve experienced the facility first hand.

Sporting Events

With drones equipped with a feature called “Active Track” it allows for our pilots to lock onto a subject and follow with precision without footage being blurry. This, combined with expert video editing, can make a deeply engaging and highly effective marketing tool.


Forget the expense of a helicopter and crew, a drone enables you to get the same quality with improved safety and at a fraction of the cost. We offer drone photography and footage for immersive brand building exercises, whether that involves following a car through winding terrain, flying over a grounded aircraft or even swooping over the ocean to speed past a stunning Yacht. Drone footage can bring your audiences close to your product and tease them with in-use footage, making for a perfect first branded experience!