Using national days in your marketing strategy can elevate your business, but only if you utilise them appropriately. For example, a marketing-focused company like ours could essentially talk about many national days; since we work with several industries. But, a business in the health and beauty industry would not necessarily highlight something such as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Some companies might not need to utilise national day marketing at all, and it is essential as a business to consider where national days are even appropriate. The medical industry might share a mention of World Mental Health Day, but anything else could seem insensitive in such an environment. Essentially, brands need to think about how they want to portray themselves and not take advantage of an easy marketing trick if it does not work for them or even make sense.

Finding the balance

That is not to say corporate businesses can not enjoy the more exciting national days on social media, but finding the balance is crucial. Luckily, there are plenty of niche days to choose from.

National days are all about engagement. Not only does it start a conversation, but you are reaching a whole new audience that can relate to your thoughts or opinions and develop connections with current and potential customers.

Does it relate to your brand values?

Taking part in conversations is great for your brand, but it must align with your brand values and services. Using national days as a marketing tool is supposed to be fun and positive, and while it seems obvious, try to avoid offensive or inappropriate language or measures – you are responsible for representing your business in the best light possible.

If you have decided on a national day post but find it difficult to produce relevant, interesting content then it is probably best to move on to a topic better suited to the business. A marketing strategy needs to relate to your target audience.

More than a social post

Designing a national day-related graphic and wishing a happy ‘World Poetry Day’ from your magazine company is putting in more than enough effort, but going the extra mile and thinking outside the box will set you apart from the other thousand posts of best wishes.

For example, producing a Haiku poem expressing the company’s values or expertise would add an element of individuality, impress potential customers and, most importantly, get ahead of the competition.
Avoid excessive posting

As national day marketing has grown over the years, it can be tempting to take part in as many as you can, but there is certainly a line that you should avoid crossing. As we mentioned earlier, covering topics irrelevant to you and the business will only risk damaging how people view the brand.

You want to create social posts that are meaningful and share social awareness. Work with national days that elevate your content and encourage conversation. Social media presence is important, but it’s okay to have nothing to say on an occasion instead of creating something you are not proud of or passionate about. That, and you might frustrate your dedicated followers.

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