Using pay per click advertising (PPC) to boost your online sales and SERP positioning is a great marketing activity – one that with the right PPC management in place, can also be a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution to help you achieve your business objectives.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are both free and available for any website with a credit card and an internet connection. It can take as little as half an hour to set up and launch a simple PPC campaign, but it could end up costing you more money than it’s worth if a) you’re not experienced and b) if there is no clear strategy in place.

Properly managing a pay per click campaign involves a vast amount of planning including advanced keyword research, mapping customer journeys and content writing for compelling advert copy.

Simply put, if your PPC account is poorly set up, you will be missing out on opportunities and customers, not to mention you will be paying way too much for what you want to achieve. This means that if you are unable to effectively manage your PPC in-house, then outsourcing to a specialist PPC agency can be a much more beneficial solution.

Debunked – 5 Myths about outsourcing your PPC Management

Here we have our five most common myths about using an agency for your PPC management.

An Agency will never understand your Business

This can sometimes be the case, but with hard working, passionate and caring agencies, you will be leaving your pay per click account management with a specialist team who take the time to understand your business and create your campaign around your objectives.

All PPC Agencies are Equal

This is a clear myth and it’s the same with marketing in general, the service you receive will depend entirely on the quality of who you outsource to.

Some PPC Agencies have a better reputation than others and some even specialise in particular sectors. It’s important to know that all agencies that offer PPC are different, they work in different ways and they plan differently.

What you need to watch out for is when an agency’s PPC offering isn’t even reputable, they are given to junior employees that learn as they go. It’s important to choose an agency that has a track record and is Google Certified. Alternatively, ask for a reference from a previous PPC client(s).

An Agency will only Charge to Create and then Leave a Campaign

Turning on a PPC campaign and leaving it alone is a recipe for high costs, low revenue and unhappy clients. If any agency is doing this, they shouldn’t be offering their service.

Good agencies will look at how their campaigns are performing, at least, on a weekly basis. This strategy will allow for the continuous development and optimisation. Using these numbers, the agency in charge of managing a PPC campaign can then make educated adjustments in case a campaign is not meeting expectations.

We just Copy Competitors Adverts

This is bad practice for any marketing campaign, by copying your competitors you’re going to be no better than them.

Great PPC agencies will research, plan and implement optimised advert copy that aligns with your business objectives, your services and, more importantly, your USP.

PPC is the Solution to all of your Problems

It’s not, it’s a part of a well-rounded marketing solution that should be carefully crafted around your business objectives. Pay per click advertising works well with social advertising, a rebrand, search engine optimisation, a new web design project or a new website in general.

If you were to have a well optimised PPC campaign but your website is confusing, hard to use and frustrates users, you will be limited to the number of enquiries you will receive as after they click on the advert, the user journey with PPC is over and your website takes over.

Should you start outsourcing your PPC Management?

Having access to a dedicated, expert PPC team can help you avoid making expensive mistakes and help maximise the return on your advertising spend.

To summarise, we believe the key advantages of outsourcing are:

  • Access to a dedicated team means you have access to expert and up to date knowledge.
  • Optimised campaigns will ensure that your return on investment is increased.
  • Your PPC strategy will focus on outcomes rather than just bounce rates.
  • Your PPC campaigns on its own and will work side by side with your overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Outsourcing frees up time enabling you to focus on other core activities.

If you would like to know more about our PPC services or to simply talk about an up and coming project, why not contact our team today on [email protected].