If you have delved into the realm of project management systems in the workplace, you will know that old habits die very hard.

Over the years we’ve tried countless tools, packages and systems in our quest for project management mastery, and whilst the journey has been far from smooth, we now have a solid combination of project management tools to help us deliver exceptional creative work.

Helpful software we use to perfect our project management capabilities:


Basecamp is our client-facing project management tool, and we use the cloud-based software for all website projects, campaign launches and video animations.

Our clients love Basecamp as they can discuss projects, upload files and check project progress. We love Basecamp templates – they help account managers setup typical projects, saving time and keeping on top of work with ease!


Trello is a kanban style project management tool, ideal for identifying campaign progress visually. Trello is used to manage our search engine marketing campaigns, and suits the nature of the work perfectly. We can move deliverables between boards (months) and colour-code cards (tasks) to set statuses. Trello is also completely free to use!

Google Apps

Google Mail is the best and most reliable email service available. Combined with Google Drive cloud storage for document collaboration, and a shared calendar for booking meetings and boardroom space, Google Apps is a system we’d be lost without!


Team chat and group discussions are made easy with Slack. Complete with a sizeable list of integrations, Slack enables our team to collaborate on projects, share links (gifs!) and stay on top of support tickets.

The greatest benefit of Slack is our seismic shift away from internal email – very rarely do Rooster team members email each other tasks or jobs. This keeps our inboxes client-focussed, helping with efficiency and time management. Slack is also hugely customisable – if you have a developer in the ranks!


Toggl is a simple tool to track the time spent on tasks. This is particularly helpful for measuring client campaign delivery, as many projects are billed per hour. The reporting features are excellent and help our management team identify how/where time is spent.

Custom Schedule

Most packaged software is bloated and stuffed with features we simply don’t need. After trialling many project management tools and schedule apps, we decided to make our own! The Rooster Schedule (Beta) is a simple tool to manage internal workflows for each team member.

With a day, week and next week view, each team member can see exactly what they’re doing at any time. The Rooster Schedule (Beta) is web-based and hooked up to a TV via Raspberry Pi.

Talk to us about Project Management

If you would like to learn more about our systems, integrations, or are considering a move but know that switching costs are high, talk to a member of our team for an informal chat.