The online marketplace for web design has witnessed a number of drastic changes over the past few years. The wonderful world of digital and our need for collective connectivity have redefined the very purpose of websites; never before has web design been so important for so many people.

Many digital experts and marketing professionals will be able to advise on your digital strategy, and it’s not uncommon to be told you need to refresh your online presence every 2-3 years. In fact, some industries have the burden of website redesign on a bi-annual basis.

It’s a given that each and every business needs a website to reflect its values, but what can you do to achieve digital greatness and stand out from the myriad of websites that are perhaps unwillingly shaping the online and offline perception of your company?

Content is most definitely at the forefront of digital marketing, and a well considered content marketing will help bring together your digital assets to support your business &/or brand. Content is an excellent marketing tool, but it can’t do the job for you alone – web design is as important as ever.

So how can contemporary website design work alongside inbound marketing efforts to maximise return? Hire an agency of course!

3 website redesign considerations

What content management system(s) do you work with?

It’s imperative for your marketing & digital teams to be fully equipped when it comes to digital promotion; a content management system (CMS) will ultimately determine the ability to manage your own web presence.

There are many recognised CMS platforms available such as WordPress, Drupal or Kentico, each with their own merits and pitfalls. A typical web design agency will most likely have a preferred CMS, and a good agency will always give you options.

Be careful when signing up for a custom or bespoke CMS as these often cause problems 2-3 years down the line. If a custom CMS is built for your business, you are likely to be tied to it’s creator for many years to come.

Do you understand the basic principles of search engine optimisation?

Not every agency will be fully equipped to provide search engine optimisation (SEO) solutions, but an understanding of the core principles of SEO will inevitably determine how discoverable your website will be.

SEO needs to be considered from the ground up, and a good web design agency will typically provide a thorough consultation before building a sitemap and redesigning your website.

SEO is not important for everyone, but a good web design agency should always adhere to the basics. As long as you have the ability to manage and implement basic SEO tasks, you won’t need to start from scratch when the time is right.

Do you understand my business goals?

Many businesses commission a website to improve the performance of their digital marketing efforts; a website is a marketing tool that supports a brand and helps generate new business. Lead generation might not be at the top of your priority list, but it’s likely to be a consideration in the not-so-distant future.

Make sure that your web design agency fully understands your business goals, as these will ultimately shape the design of your website. A good website redesign will compliment your content to help convert website visitors and drive your business forward.

If you would like to learn more about the role of web design in digital marketing, why not join us at the next Rooster Breakfast Club?