A business is nothing without its website. A website is essentially your portfolio, selling point and area of knowledge where users can learn about your company and find out more about how you can help them with either your services or products.

Many websites are structured as traditional database-focused sites. Websites like this are not the best performing, and many of them are slow to load, a nightmare for developers to work with and are very vulnerable to hackers.

What is a static website?

Static sites are built with Javascript, CSS code or plain HTML. This code is consistent no matter what, wherever and whoever the user is without much interactivity. Due to the served content not depending on a particular user, pre-rendered content is used – encouraging a much faster performance.

Static sites are resilient and give plenty of flexibility in how you can serve your content. They are less expensive to host and are much faster than dynamic websites as there is no database or server rendering to do. More businesses are looking to go static for the sole purpose that website performance is fully optimised beyond dynamic restrictions.

Those considering a static site should think about the advantages and disadvantages. Static websites are great for sites where the content is not likely to change regularly or when the site has a simple layout.

What makes a static website?

A static website is made of three different components, Javascript, API calls and Markup.. Static websites are growing in popularity due to the introduction of the Jamstack. The Jamstack is an architectural approach that combines Javascript, APIs and Markdown to build well-performing websites that rely on static files to serve the content to users.

This system presents a layered stack of technology that offers the benefit of functionality without the need for a dynamic structure. With Jamstack, the front end of a website is pre-built into highly optimised static pages and assets during the build process that are pre-rendered, resulting in websites that can be served from a CDN, reducing risk, difficulty and cost.

Headless CMS is a great way to take control of content when working with a static site. It offers the ability to upload or edit any content without the need for developer support. With the help of Headless CMS, you can reap the benefits of a static site while utilising modern work methods.

The benefits of having a static website

There are many benefits to having a static website for your business. Here are just a few:


Static sites can manifest using a wide variety of structures, JavaScript is one of them – which ensures the build is straightforward and the website is easy to maintain.

Security and scalability

Dynamic sites keep the entire system connected as one, breeding the risk of hackers accessing the site and breaching your data. A static site content sits independently on the front end of the web interface.

Presenting content like this gives hackers limited entry points, keeping your data more secure than on a database-driven site. The ability to present content across channels without having to reauthor the content is what improves website scalability.

Speed and performance

The data of your site content will deliver as a fully pre-rendered webpage, so users are far less likely to experience any web issues such as unloaded pages or broken images. Pages will perform more efficiently as a static site is made up of lightweight static HTML files. The benefits of rendering a pre-built webpage are much faster than building the webpage for every visitor.

The Rooster way

Static sites, paired with Headless CMS integration, work seamlessly to create a site that is perfect for your business and audience. We create tailored static sites with Jamstack architecture, which offers an impressive number of speed and safety benefits for websites.

We will work with your team to ensure all website architecture and CMS needs are aligned with your internal teams’ strengths and requirements. Your bespoke website is built entirely for purpose, in line with a dedicated strategy. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about your new website.