Saint Bede’s School


School Objectives

Saint Bede’s School came to Rooster looking to gain a better understanding of parents’ perceptions about their school and also to establish any potential areas for improvement or future investment.

The client also wanted to determine a more general consensus about what is most important for parents when looking for a school.

Rooster Research Solution

The most efficient and cost effective research method for us to capture the desired parent feedback was through an online survey. Taking into account the school’s objectives, we designed the survey to focus on 3 key areas.

– What parents are looking for in a school
– Parent satisfaction ratings
– Suggested areas of investment

The key satisfaction ratings included; value for money, quality of teaching and children’s enjoyment. Using routing and a mixture of open and closed questions, the survey was designed to ensure no important parent insights were missed.

Telephone interviews were planned to follow up with selected parents. Telephone interviews are beneficial in allowing us to probe for more information on any areas of particular interest highlighted in the online surveys.

St Bede's Survey


Research Results

We achieved an excellent survey response rate of over 70%.

The findings supplied us with all of the insights to meet our original research objectives,  as well as supplying us with other valuable observations. Parents were particularly keen to tell us what they were actively looking for in a school and the areas where they would most like to see future investment.

Overall, Saint Bede’s received excellent satisfaction ratings and this reinforced the very high standards held by the school. Constructive parent feedback was also received, some of which will lead to immediate school improvements. A significant number of the parents went into great detail with their comments – and this illustrated that they clearly appreciated the opportunity to be involved with the school and have their voice heard.

A small selection of the Verbatim comments:

What are the main things you are looking for in a school?

“A nurturing environment And teaching that is driven by my child”

“Friendliness and warm atmosphere – as well as a good academic record“

“Bringing out my child’s personality and academic grades”

Other Comments

“This survey has covered everything, thank you for listening”

“It’s an amazing, caring school. I only wish that it continued into key stage 4”

“I’ve seen far too many schools which talk about my children being a right fit for them, Saint Bede’s is the right fit for my children!”

School Parent Research


Research Impact

We gathered some excellent insights from this piece of market research. The insights will assist the school in maintaining its high standards whilst allowing it to make immediate improvements to its day to day communications and continuously improving the all-round environment of the school. Clear areas of focus for future investment have also been identified.

Rooster is a full-service agency and we are also working on the Saint Bede’s website. We found the research hugely beneficial with the development of the website and understanding the most important features for the parents. For example, based on the feedback from the survey, we are looking to introduce a more prominent Sports section to the site.

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