Data is all around us. With the way we collect and analyse it advancing as time and technology go on, marketing continues to develop a more data-driven approach as the digital landscape changes.

64% of marketing executives strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial in today’s landscape.

Data-driven strategies now predict customer behaviour, which allows businesses to adapt their approach where necessary. In a world where consumer demands are at an all-time high, data-driven marketing allows you to provide tailored, personal experiences that meet customer expectations. 

A deeper insight into customers was once difficult to grasp, and looking at marketing from instinct rather than utilising pertinent data is no longer enough for marketers to truly enhance their strategy. 

Why data-driven marketing is best

The data-driven approach is proving more popular as trends in the industry develop. Here are just a few reasons why it is the best way to approach your marketing strategy:

Establish the audience you want to target

Any data that allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers is relevant information to take into account. Data can be collected via numerous outlets, such as competitor research or conducting surveys. Collecting the correct data ensures that you know your audience, and can speak to them in the right tone of voice that they will grow to expect. 

Not every person in your target audience will have entirely the same interests. Segment your audience into different groups within your wider target audience to get a clear picture. 

Determine where you belong 

Along with establishing who you should connect with, data can also define where you should communicate with them. Discovering your target audience’s preferences allows you to find out which channels you should use to best engage with them. The right channels will help you improve messaging by seeing where they are positioned in the marketing funnel. 

Personalise your approach and build relationships

With eCommerce in particular, personalising your approach is what brings consumers back time and time again. Looking at data such as browsing or purchase history can help personalise the customer experience, which leads to more purchases and consumers returning to your site. 

Without the guessing game of what your consumers want, data allows you to provide a 1-1 customer experience without any added effort. Utilising the data you produce from social media and your website will enable you to pinpoint where to begin. 

Creating a data-driven marketing strategy 

Once you get started, adapting to a data-driven marketing strategy isn’t as difficult as it initially appears. Knowing where to begin is something we can help with. 

  • What are your objectives? Before you start the data collection process, you need to determine a clear goal and objectives for your data to know the type of information you need to gather and where to collect it from. 
  • Now you can begin to collect data. What kind of data is going to help you advance your strategy? From here, you can initiate which tools will work best to collect. 
  • Analyse the data you collected and gain insight. A well-rounded platform will provide the tools you need to gain insight from the data. If this isn’t available, a dedicated team of data analysts will be able to pull out key information.
  • What channels are you going to use? After analysing the data, you will have a clear idea of the channels on which you want to run your campaign. Whether your audience communicates best with email marketing, content on your website or social media, you will know what should work. 
  • Measure your campaign performance. After launching your campaign, you need to know how well it performs. Monitor your results, calculate ROI and use the data to further advance your marketing. You can take the data you collect and use it to improve with each future campaign. 

Data-driven marketing helps to establish what works and what doesn’t in your marketing strategy. Data is essential for any marketing campaign to work. You will get to know your customers and form valuable relationships with them, all while creating the perfect strategy. 

Here at Rooster, through extensive brand research and equally insightful data, we get to know your business expectations and what you have to offer to your customers. From that onwards, we determine how best to connect you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your marketing strategy.