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Coopers Fire

Coopers Fire specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of fire and smoke curtains. They are a business that has evolved over the last 30 years to become market leaders, and approached Rooster to evaluate their brand and perceived position in the market.

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Brand Development

We ran a branding workshop that researched existing brand perception and looked at how they needed to be in position. In conjunction with content strategy research, we were able to reposition and rebrand Coopers Fire to highlight their role as global market leaders, alongside a brand new website.

Coopers Fire Instore Marketing
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Giving Them Tools They Need

As part of our research for this project, it showed that architects wanted a simple and easy way to select the correct fire safety products when designing a build. As a result, Rooster Marketing designed and built a digital CGI mock up which showed Coopers Fire’s customers how each of their fire curtains worked and where best to place them. Architects can interact with this feature to find out more information about each product and access CAD drawings to make the design phase easier for them.

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Responsive Web Design Hampshire

Responsive design

This website was fully tested and built to be fully responsive for all devices meaning that clients can utilise the site and interactive CGI on the go from their mobiles and tablets.

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Internal Engagement

Coopers Fire’s internal teams were heavily involved with the initial Audience and Outcomes exercise. It was shown that all Coopers’ staff are immensely proud of their company and so Rooster Marketing designed and managed the production of branded livery.

Brand Identity Agency
Brand Identity Agency Hampshire

Rooster is an important ally for Coopers whose expertise was instrumental in helping us to define and develop a brand identity that really reflects what we’re about. Furthermore, by taking the time to fully understand our business, Rooster has successfully developed for us a new, responsive website that has been a real game changer.

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Coopers Fire

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