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Alfred Homes

a property brand for life

Jon Williams

creating a timeless identity

We started working with Alfred Homes before they had even built their first house.

Alfred Homes had a strong long term vision and direction for the company. They asked Rooster to create a brand that fulfilled this vision. The end result is a brand that 10 years later is still in use and still holding true to its values.

Alfred Homes logo
Alfred Homes brochure
Alfred Homes photobook


We supported Alfred Homes with rolling out the brand across marketing literature, press advertising and hoardings.

We created a portfolio of property brochures each one bespoke to the development but consistent with the brand style and design. We introduced different materials and textures to make each development feel unique.

After 10 years the brand is now synonymous with high-end quality house building in the South of England. The brief has been successfully met.

Alfred Homes book
Alfred Homes Elizabeth Place book
Alfred Homes brochure
Alfred Homes photoshoot brochure
Alfred Homes hoardings

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