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Chafyn Grove School

a fresh, engaging new website

Jon Williams

Chafyn Grove is a prestigious school in the historic cathedral town of Salisbury. They needed a redesign of their website – a fresh experience that helped represent the school and showcase their ethos.

The headmaster wanted to show that an enjoyable educational environment is where real learning happens. This was clear to see from the smiles and positive mood of the students. Chafyn Grove provides a positive learning environment with a hands-off approach, where students can express themselves – and where education can be effectively delivered.

We worked closely with the head and staff, to create a web experience that gives users quick access to information while showcasing the school’s best assets.


The Rooster team were invited to photograph a typically enjoyable day at the school – specifically, the headmaster’s own programme, “Enjoyable Challenge”. This is one of the school’s key unique learning experiences, which gives each student a challenge that is not too hard or too easy. This balance ensures that children are applying themselves, learning and feeling positive about their performance.

We captured the reactions of students in our photography, knowing it would be a big part of the website and Chafyn Grove’s visual identity. We documented classroom learning, sports and students during downtime, to show the full school experience to prospective parents. During the shoot, we saw firsthand how important student wellbeing is at the school.


Back in the studio, our creative team set about analysing the current site: working out what content was still needed and how better to present this information to users.

We designed a sitemap before creating our initial wireframes – a process of laying out each page in a skeletal form to make sure we get the navigation and user journey right before getting down to the design and build.

Working to a schedule agreed with Chafyn Grove, we presented our wireframes at a virtual meeting. This gave the Rooster creative and development team the chance to explain our layout and user journey to the headmaster.

Feedback was excellent. With just a few small tweaks to the wireframes, both Rooster and Chafyn were ready to move to the creative stage.

custom digital design

Thanks to the professional photography that our team had already taken, we had a diverse library of imagery we could call upon to express the personality of Chafyn Grove. We also wanted to create a bright, airy site with clean and modern layouts. We included a typographic design flourish to bring personality and creativity to the site, which also delivered the school’s key messages.

The creative was presented to an enthusiastic team and signed off, moving us on to the build.

Our developer worked with the design team to create an immersive interactive experience for the user. We provided CMS training and helped the Chafyn Grove team to populate their new website with text content, which launched to everyone’s delight in spring 2020.

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