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Chris Broadbent

Key2 Group is a UK plastic fabrication company. They required a dynamic new website that put their incredible work with big brands in the spotlight. Rooster worked closely with the internal marketing team at Key2 Group – to plan, design and launch a beautiful new website.


The goal of the shoot was to capture natural shots of staff and detailed images of their work, to get a sense of the team’s expertise and the quality of the finished product.

Our creative photography team visited Key2 Group’s Hampshire factory, to document the intricate work and capture their skilled workforce in action.

The resulting images became a leading force on the new website. There’s a sense of movement and emotion in each shot, reinforcing the dedication and hard work that goes into each project they complete.



The Key2 website journey began with a carefully planned sitemap. Useability and SEO were priority areas. We planned for every page to have an onward journey for users, but we also developed the website in a search-engine-friendly way.

The next step was building the initial design in wireframes. Because Key2 Group creates materials that users will see in their daily lives, we wanted to highlight the creative aspect of their work, to appeal to their target audiences.

Our initial designs were colourful and vibrant – achieving a high end, standout look when combined with the professional photography we captured. The feedback was minimal, which allowed the site to quickly move into the build phase.

Rooster’s team of developers are always looking for ways to push the creative further – both visually and in the code. Our design and development teams worked together to create animations with a measured, well-paced experience for the user as they scroll the pages.

We always give our clients full CMS training. For Key2, we also consulted on SEO and content writing. We built a blog and news feed, and trained their internal team to utilise both – as a space for them to post company updates, business news, product updates and SEO-focused content. Key2 Group populated the content on the website, and Rooster put final optimisations in place before the website went live.


seo and marketing

Our ongoing work with Key2 Group includes SEO and content creation. We discover user intent in their sector and match content to those queries – giving Key2 a search presence for relevant business terms.

In addition, we’re building ethical, targeted email lists and publishing newsletters to further promote the business and keep their clients engaged.

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