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precision branding

Chris Broadbent


Technograph wanted to improve their brand presence within their industry. To best understand the business, we organised a site visit to research the products and to get a real feel for what Technograph had to offer.

It became clear they were a detail-oriented business, which came across in the way they approached their work. In the early stages of their new logo identity, we looked at incorporating circuit boards and components, to subtlety highlight the core of the business. This developed further once we put the situation under a microscope.


Viewing the circuits this closely showed the intricacies of each component – and we wanted to show this in a clean and simple way. We had to make it obvious that you were looking at a circuit, but we also had to make it exceptionally clear.

Through the logo journey, several workable ideas developed. Eventually, the final logo took on everything we had developed. It was applied to an early stage concept that created a ‘T’ shape. This was then integrated with the circuit and wiring idea – and Technograph’s icon was born.


Technograph’s website uses a dark design, to draw the viewer’s attention to the detailed product imagery. Products were photographed on dark reflective surfaces, to create striking hero imagery for use across the website.

It’s a large website, which caused us to rethink the menu navigation. The typeface was chosen to bring a modern feel to a 40 year old business – a gentle nudge into the modern day that harmonised perfectly with the black and white design.

We developed a sidebar navigation that was bold, bright and clear. This refined the user journey dramatically. Page links were given the brand’s new orange colour to stand out against the dark UI.


Each shot was captured during work hours, so that we could show real moments that occur day to day on the website. We wanted to demonstrate authenticity and give these intricate products the spotlight they deserve. This was a two person shoot – our photographer was directed on every shot, paying close attention to detail. Finally, the selected images was carefully edited at our studio, ready for use digitally.

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