Hiring a marketing agency is a great way to get additional support and expertise that can guide your business to new heights. A creative team can not only support your current marketing efforts but also expand on them and offer new insights into the way your brand can develop further.


A professional full-service marketing agency can save time and gain true value for money, all while strengthen and establish your brand. They provide everything your business needs for marketing, promotional campaigns and advertising all under one roof. 


A full-service marketing agency will consist of a team full of talented individuals, all specialising in different areas of marketing. Custom, focus solutions, from start to finish, is how Rooster offers the full-service marketing experience every business deserves. Hiring in-house will end up becoming a very costly investment if you desire a full marketing team, an agency comes at a valuable price. 


However, keep in mind that just because a full-service marketing agency offers it all, doesn’t mean you have to use every service on offer. A bundle of services can almost be personalised to fit your business requirements, depending on what you want and what we believe you need to truly make a difference. 


With so many marketing agencies out there promising the world, what do you need to keep in mind before approaching a full-service marketing agency in London like Rooster?


ask your agency this:


what do you specialise in?


All marketing agencies will have the niche areas that they specialise in. For us, along with dedicated, talented team members across the board working in all services such as content marketing, PPC, SEO, social media branding and more, we truly thrive in all aspects of full-service marketing. 


The first thing you should consider when hiring a marketing professional is whether they can provide the highest quality standard of work depending on what your business is looking to improve. It’s no use working with an agency that specialises in SEO but hasn’t got an idea on where to start when it comes to creating an entire brand. 


An agency’s strengths need to line up with your business expectations and goals. Otherwise, what are you investing in? 


how transparent are your services?


The more transparent an agency is with the work they are producing, the more informed you will be and the more success you can create when working together. Asking about the way the agency reports on data such as analytics is important to know upfront. An agency should always be willing to share all of the data in a meaningful way, to help ensure the success of the engagement. 


When building a website, we won’t hold your data for ransom. Your website belongs entirely to you, but we are here to offer additional support where necessary. 


how do you communicate with clients?


You know what they say, communication is key. An agency needs to communicate with its clients to grasp a clear understanding of goals and objectives. Ask about an agency’s communication process to ensure you don’t miss anything. Will you have an exclusive account manager that can report this information to you?  


At Rooster, we believe that collaboration can lead to creating unforgettable brands. Your success is at the core of our business values and communicating with clients and within the team is crucial to truly gather the best ideas and bring the most effective campaigns to life. 


what is agency culture like?


Just like within the workplace, company culture must remain an integral part of an agency/client relationship. Happy employees are more likely to feel motivated to go above and beyond clients expectations. It’s a question that digs a little deeper, but equally ensures that you are working with good people, that will produce good results. This type of insight will help you determine whether your teams will work well together.


The relationships built at Rooster don’t just end at the friendships developed in-house, we believe that a strong client base, one where everyone is on the same page, is key to producing the best work and results. We treat our clients with care, and it shows in the strategies we create. 


what experience does your agency have?


Is the agency you’re researching speaking your industry’s language? Great marketing agencies can work with both B2B and B2C clients – all while adapting to each client’s tone of voice and brand vision. Does the agency have direct experience within your industry? If not, are you confident in their proposal? Ask for examples of work they have produced in the past for similar industries. 


ask yourself these key questions:


why do I need an agency and what can they do for me?


Before establishing your new marketing relationship, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need from a marketing agency in the first place. An underdeveloped scope will only ever lead to miscommunication of expectations. Do you require a full-service marketing agency that can tick all of the boxes? Or simply need specific support in one area of work? You don’t want to over-invest or not receive what you originally desired. 


what are they doing for themselves that they can also do for me?


During the research process, how did you come across the marketing agency? Was it through social media advertising? Were they at the top of search results? It is surprising how well or poorly an agency markets itself. The proof is in the pudding, and the right agency will practise what they preach. How you found them is how they will help you be found, too. 

When hiring a full-service marketing agency in London, they need to be great at the marketing game. Our London Rooster Office brings bright sparks to life with our team of talented specialists always ready to create the next best brand. Get in touch with us today.