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Hughes & Salvidge

Hughes & Salvidge are a full-service demolition contractor which provide safe, cost-effective and practical demolition solutions. Under the Hughes & Salvidge umbrella lies Valley Trading, Aasvogel and K&B Crushers.

In search of website redesigns with new functionalities for their sister companies, Hughes & Salvidge employed Rooster for the large-scale project.

Valley Trading Web Design

Responsive, Custom Web Design

As well as a fresh new redesign for Valley Trading, which views nicely in all platforms, Rooster created a custom online quotation form. The form is designed to respond to the options the user selects so that only the options that are relevant to the individual are shown – this makes for a better user experience. Now, prospective customers can easily send their requirements in order to get a fast quote that is accurately based on their own individual needs.

Mobile Responsive Website
Aasvogel Web Design
Art Direction

Art Direction and Photography

The photography on your website plays a large part in the brand that your company portrays. When free or paid for stock images are used, this can dilute the brand and no one wants to see the same imagery that is on their website, used on their competitors.

Hughes & Salvidge wanted original photography and art direction on each of their sister organisation websites. Rooster was able to organise a photoshoot with clear direction – as we were building the website, we knew exactly which shots we were needed. By pairing the website design with original photography, we were able to create a seamless and clear user experience throughout.

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K&B Website Design

Website Copywriting

When considering the prospect of a new site, many organisations often overlook the time and care that will need to go into the site copy. Often as part of the redesign new pages are created that didn’t exist before. All pages need sufficient copy in order for your site to not be penalised in search engines. In order for these pages to rank within search engines, the pages must also be SEO optimised.

If you don’t have the skills in-house, then it can prove to be very beneficial to outsource your website copy. Outsourcing ensures that the quality of content written is exceptional and error-free as well as being optimised to rank well in search engines.

A lot of time and resource was saved when website copywriting was outsourced to Rooster on this project.

Responsive Website

Next Steps for Hughes & Salvidge

Armed with new, purpose-built websites, Valley Trading, Aasvogel and K&B Crushers now have the foundations to grow their businesses and ‘demolish’ the competition.

We are now working with them to optimise their technical SEO, which is surely improving their search engine rankings as well as managing their PPC campaigns, aiming to reduce their cost per click, all the while securing them relevant new prospective customers.

We continue to work with the organisations for their content marketing after they were very pleased with the website copy.

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