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Give your brand a voice with our audio production services.

Audio Production at Rooster

The majority of video productions these days heavily rely on quality audio recordings. As a consequence, sound design and creation is earning a central place in every user experience toolkit.

Here at Rooster, we know that today’s is a noisy world and although many of us have learned to block many sounds out this doesn’t stop sound and audio from affecting our subconscious. Audio affects our cognition, changes our emotions, guides behaviour and even prompts a physical reaction by changing our heart rate and hormone levels.

We have an expert in-house audio production team that can work from scratch, or with you and your team, to discover what sounds you as a brand would need to invoke the desired reaction from your audiences.

In order to do this, we often would suggest an audience and outcomes exercise to be undertaken so you and ourselves can fully identify and categorise who and where your key target consumers are.

Audio has a role in many contexts. Some of the most important bespoke services that we offer include:

  • Audio for video
  • Audio recording of interview or chalk and cheese style videos
  • Event audio recording
  • Sound design and creation
  • Music production
  • Podcast recording
  • Retail sound design
  • Consultancy

However, this is not at all an exhaustive list and if you have an area of your company that you feel could benefit from audio production in another way then we are more than happy to discuss this.

What is Audio Production?

Audio production and marketing is the method of using sounds to inform, reinforce and promote your messaging, offering and brand. Audio too can be used in isolation or together as a means of reinforcing visual, textual or more creative design work.

Whether it is in the form of music, sounds or spoken word, audio production is an important part of marketing and it can take many forms. Examples include; telephone services or on-hold messages, overhead in-store radios, voiceovers, podcasts, interview style videos, jingles, radio advertisements and more.

Why Audio Production for Marketing is Important

Audio production allows organisations, to target the senses in a completely unique way. Unlike with photography, where you are shown a product or experience, audio and is interpreted by each person in a completely unique and personal way.

Audio and sound recording are often both vital elements for branding. When companies and marketers use sounds in their marketing material, the objective in this is to encourage their audience to associate a specific sound, voice, or phrase with their business. This reinforces a brand’s personal and separates them from their competition.

Another important reason why audio is vital for marketers is because like videos and animations, people are more inclined to share audio clips. Consequently, by using audio you will reach a much wider potential audience than you would if you opted for a less dynamic solution. Audio production, therefore, offers a huge potential for return on investment (ROI) which is crucial.

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