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Drone Aerial Video and Photography

Stunning 4K ultra HD footage taken by our experienced pilots and supported by an experienced editing team and creative department that really delivers the WOW factor.


Rooster Marketing are Fully Licensed Drone Operatives

Rooster are fully licensed, CAA approved (Permission for Aerial Work) insured and experienced drone operators.

When it comes to Drone operation, it is important not to put your company at risk by using companies who do not have the correct qualifications, licensing, permissions or insurance as this will put your organisation at risk of legal action.

Creative Drone Video and Photography

As well as having all the correct Drone (UAV) paperwork, Rooster has the creative ability to plan, execute and deliver stunning drone footage for your organisation. Even high altitude drone footage can start to be a little dull if not mixed with other footage types to ensure the final edit is rich in depth and style, and scattered with personal, close up elements also.

Quality is key to ensure your footage can be used for all purposes and at all sizes. Our 4K ultra HD footage, taken by experienced pilots that are supported by an experienced editing team, really delivers the WOW factor.

Planning a drone shoot is a very exciting, enjoyable part of the process, and crucial to get the shots required on the day/s. A stand alone piece that does not fit with your brand and style will always just be a stand alone piece that has limited use. We ensure that any drone footage delivered to our clients fits with other marketing material so it can be put to good use across many marketing platforms and drive a maximum ROI.

Drone Fillimg and Photography

We Provide Drone Footage and Aerial Photography for Various Sectors


Drone Photography for Property Developers and Estate Agents

To capture drone photography and video for planning purposes or to show the finished development. This can be combined with CGI footage which we can also support with additional in-house services at Rooster Marketing.

Drone Shoots for Private Schools

Private schools often want to showcase their stunning grounds and buildings to give a real sense of scale for their audiences. We don’t like to just film rooftops and fields, we also like to get close to our subjects during sporting and other activities to keep it personal and as relevant as possible.

Drone Video of Historic Buildings

Drone footage gives your audiences the ability to see a stunning building from a different perspective. It allows a true sense of scale that sometimes cannot be achieved from the ground. If a building is large enough, then indoor drone footage can also be safely undertaken. At Rooster Marketing we always ensure that all drone shoots are undertaken with the correct precautions and safety management requirements in place by our qualified pilots.

Drone Aerial Video for Golf Clubs

What better way to show off a golf course to potential clients than aerial video! Follow the flight of the ball through every shot around a course and hope we don’t end up in the rough! We can also add some footage of the 19th if we have to!

Drone Footage of Sporting Events and Venues

Our drones are equipped with “Active Track” which allows is to lock onto a subject and follow it precisely (from a safe distance which can be set). This enables us to capture the most amazing drone footage while still keeping your subjects safe.

Drone Photography for Car, Aircraft and Yacht Industries

Whether following a car through winding terrain, flying over a grounded aircraft or swooping over the ocean to speed past a stunning Yacht, drone footage can bring your audiences close to the subject from a different perspective. No longer do you need the expense of a helicopter with a crew to capture this type of footage.

Drone Footage for Outdoor Businesses

Drone footage can work really well for outdoor businesses such as tree surgeons, haulage companies, farming, renewable energy and landscaping. These types of businesses need a bird’s eye view of their day to day activities. This type of footage can really help people understand the scale and size of their businesses.

Drone Photography and Video Editing

Skilled editing of drone photography and video can take something that looks makes and make it into something truly astonishing. Our service is not just to deliver footage taken ready for you to edit: Upon client approval, we deliver fully edited and ready to use footage for our clients complete with music, voiceovers, subtitles or animation overlays if required.

We will work with you to deliver finished drone aerial video and photography that you are sure to be very proud of.

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