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Mobile App Development at Rooster

It is important to be very cautious when selecting which mobile app type would best suit your project. If the right app is used for the right reasons then mobile applications can offer great ROI. However, get this wrong and the results can be detrimental.

Here at Rooster, we take the time to get to know you as a business, your team and importantly your audience. An audience and outcomes exercise will allow you to learn who your audiences are, how they behave and what you as a business needs to do to generate the desired outcome – such as a phone call – from them.

Once this is cemented, an expert in-house team at Rooster are on hand to get you up and running.

We explore and discover the wants and needs of your business, whilst getting to know your user’s requirements, this enables us to deliver true success through our app development service.

What is a Mobile App?

These days, an impressive 1.75 billion people worldwide own a smartphone, and over 80% of internet sessions are from a mobile device. Accordingly, mobile apps have become a crucial marketing tool. But why?

Well, mobile apps provide a user with specific, purposely limited and desired functionalities. For example, a game, a calculator and a shopping platform all make successful mobile apps.

This specificity makes mobile apps very desirable for users. They allow consumers to hand-pick exactly what they want their device to do. Mobile apps act as a sort of functionality funnelling mechanism for the enormity of the internet.

App Development

Why Mobile Apps are Important

Mobile apps offer great advantages to marketers for several reasons:

  • Constant brand visibility: as you can secure a content place for your business are on your consumer’s home screen.
  • Direct marketing channel: Mobile apps allow you to communicate directly to your consumers without the background noise and competition of the internet.
  • Value to your customer:  A mobile app will allow you to research and provide your audience with the exact information they want and need, and all at a push of a button!
  • Improved engagement and loyalty: A mobile app allows you to talk directly to already engaged customers – if they weren’t then why would they download your app!

Types of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are separated via the technologies that they themselves use. If you are looking to get you and your business onto the smartphone app store there are currently three options available:

Native mobile apps are your classic mobile app and they sort that most people will first think of. A native mobile app, as the name suggests, can only be native to one operating system e.g.Android or iOS. To have functionality on both systems then two apps will be needed.

Web-based mobile apps are far simpler that the complex native app. This is because they are not mobile apps in the literary sense. Instead, they are websites that have

Hybrid mobile apps, as suggested by their name, integrate web technologies and native execution. Effectively, a hybrid app is technically a web app that is built using HTML5 and JavaScript. This is then clothed inside a native app that affords the app to access native platform features.

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